What is Purchase Order Financing?

Purchase Order Financing is key for when a company has a solid purchase order ready to fulfill but does not have the funds to pay its suppliers or complete the order. Purchase Order Financing provides capital to pay suppliers upfront and help grow your business when cash is low.

What are the benefits of Purchase Order Financing?

  •  Helps ensure timely delivery to customers
  •  Increase market share with ability to build larger orders
  •  Fast, flexible funding
  • Customer trust is retained
  • No loss of revenue or orders
  •  Helps you to not deplete cash reserves and frees up cash flow

Do you have a purchase order in the works but need the capital to complete it?

How it works

Purchase Order Financing can be completed quickly and easily.

  1. Your buyer supplies you with a non-cancellable purchase order
  2. Financing company funds the purchase order (up to 100%) to your supplier
  3. Your supplier ships the goods to you as scheduled,  and you deliver to your buyer
  4. You generate an invoice
  5. Financing company will either charge fees that are taken off the invoice or buy your accounts receivable which is then paid off using factoring

Purchase Order Financing is an excellent and effective way to get funds advanced against a purchase order when your cash flow is low or you would prefer to not run through all your available cash to complete the order. By fulfilling the orders on time, your business gets to maintain its reputation and there is no longer a need to skip orders due to lack of funds.

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